Space filler while I work with something better and worth posting :'D this was done at school while listening to the photography tacher, yes I manage to pay attention while doodling, it's easier for me actually, if I just stare, my mind quickly takes off to unknown places and I get lost in the class.
Anyway, mischief kitty for you all, he's so bad he gets mad when he's not doing evil! Yeah, uhm...

I finally finished reading I, Lucifer, I really recommend it, it's really fun.
Though if you're a hardcore Christian/ Catholic and get easily offended when they talk bad stuff about God, stay away from this book. :)

I recommend:
The Real Tuesday Weld - The Ugly and the Beautiful



Drawing I did for one of the most awesome guys out there. Mr. Norse Hunter :D Hope he likes!
Sorry I kind of reduced my activity, school started again so I'm busier than past weeks, but I'll still post weekly at least.
See you soon :D