Woo, I finally post something. :D New resolution, make this blog bilingual at least.
Meanwhile, here you go, some sketches made to take a rest from working. (yep, I'm the kind of person who takes a rest from drawing by drawing :D ) Hope you like! The reading fox/wolf reminds me of my best friend.
*Finalmente un nuevo post, y me propuse hacer este blog bilingüe, por aquello de que visite gente que no lea inglés? Haha como si visitara tanta gente!
Bueno, unos bocetos hechos para tomarme un descanso de trabajar (sí, soy de esas personas que descansan de dibujar, dibujando :D) Espero que les gusten. El mono que lee me recuerda a mi mejor amiga haha.


How to train your sketches

I drew this weeks ago, it's a little dragon, heavily inspired by How to train your dragon movie style hehe, I really really liked that movie!
So here it is, the color version will be uploaded to deviantARt soon enough! :D
This post has been dedicated to Iochimura because he's the only one who claims to miss my sketches XD, enjoy!

By the way, did you check the new section up there? "Potato Workshop", click, click ;)

Therion - Hellequin


Ancient Doodles

I was going through old school notebooks and organizers and found a bunch of doodles I could share.
Only the Doberman dog is from this year, the rest are from one or even two years ago. The Peanuts ones were doodled on a Peanuts organizer.

Radiohead - Permanent Daylight



Space filler while I work with something better and worth posting :'D this was done at school while listening to the photography tacher, yes I manage to pay attention while doodling, it's easier for me actually, if I just stare, my mind quickly takes off to unknown places and I get lost in the class.
Anyway, mischief kitty for you all, he's so bad he gets mad when he's not doing evil! Yeah, uhm...

I finally finished reading I, Lucifer, I really recommend it, it's really fun.
Though if you're a hardcore Christian/ Catholic and get easily offended when they talk bad stuff about God, stay away from this book. :)

I recommend:
The Real Tuesday Weld - The Ugly and the Beautiful



Drawing I did for one of the most awesome guys out there. Mr. Norse Hunter :D Hope he likes!
Sorry I kind of reduced my activity, school started again so I'm busier than past weeks, but I'll still post weekly at least.
See you soon :D



Just so it doesn't look abandoned, I'm posting some still life practice o: with my one rule: No eraser, no ctrl Z.

I need to do this more often, like daily, I still have a looooong way to go.

I'm going back to school this monday, so let's see how much time left will I have.
So here, sketches of Deimos, the red fox skull. Yeah, he is wearing a sombrero ;)

So suddenly, I want this book that's limited edition and costs $500.00 dollars, and worth every cent. But I'm getting the cheapo $30 dls edition sometime this year.



Gor and Dor

Gor and Dor are two of many DJ's characters, they are two of my favorites and I been wanting to draw them for quite some time now. I had lots of fun with this picture and got me in the creative mood, though I still have work to finish, this was a time out xD.
Gor is the green one, and Dor the black one.
Drawn while listening to Feindflug all the time. Enjoy =)

Image on deviantArt
DJ's dA page

Tool - Parabola