About The Royal Bastard

My real name is Gaby, 22 years old going on 23. I was born and raised at the far north of México, and I Still live there.

I'm currently a Graphic Designer student who is secretly aiming at animation. I have no job but work as a freelancer when a chance arrives.
I love animation, I've watched cartoons all my life and I still enjoy them like in the old times, I'm disappointing by some new shows or remakes of the good old ones, like Garfield (now 3D, seriously?) and The Pink Panther.
Still, there are 2000's cartoons I do like.
2D Disney movies and Pixar films own my life. And currently I'm in love with Pixar, their movies and ideas are so damn cool, I'd love to work for them in a future, so I gotta work A LOT on my stuff if I want to even give it a try.

I love illustration, animation and character design. I'm most experienced in Children Illustrations, I've worked with several of these.
I also love Tattoos.

I enjoy drawing! (Duuurrr), watching movies, reading, walking, playing videogames, and of course, listening to music.
I'm also a collector.  I collect scale models of Mustang cars, my all time favorite is the 1964 Mustang (red please). I also collect Skulls (and bones), from imitation ones to REAL ones, though my real collection is still small, I have: A fox skull, a rat skull and a cow skull, I have a few shark teeth and five coyote claws.

Music: Therion, The Real Tuesday Weld, Rammstein, Voltaire, Radiohead, The Misfits, Megadeth, Feindflug.
Colors: Black, Pink, Red, Purple.
Movies: The Iron Giant, Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, Toy Story movies, Pirates of the Caribbean movies, Jurassic Park movies, Harry Potter movies, Finding Hapyness, Big Fish, Home Alone 1 & 2, Catch me if you can, Finding Nemo. Can't think of more.
Games: Portal, Okami, Half Life, The Legend of Zelda (all), Shadow of The Colossus, most of Mario games, Pokemon.