Just so it doesn't look abandoned, I'm posting some still life practice o: with my one rule: No eraser, no ctrl Z.

I need to do this more often, like daily, I still have a looooong way to go.

I'm going back to school this monday, so let's see how much time left will I have.
So here, sketches of Deimos, the red fox skull. Yeah, he is wearing a sombrero ;)

So suddenly, I want this book that's limited edition and costs $500.00 dollars, and worth every cent. But I'm getting the cheapo $30 dls edition sometime this year.



Gor and Dor

Gor and Dor are two of many DJ's characters, they are two of my favorites and I been wanting to draw them for quite some time now. I had lots of fun with this picture and got me in the creative mood, though I still have work to finish, this was a time out xD.
Gor is the green one, and Dor the black one.
Drawn while listening to Feindflug all the time. Enjoy =)

Image on deviantArt
DJ's dA page

Tool - Parabola


Me, Myself and I

Hi people! I've been kind of busy these days with ilustration project, commissions and personal life. Yesterday I got my drivers licence at last, now I need to keep practicing so I don't crash, make demon turns at high speed or simply get lost.
Since I hate hate hate taking photos of myself or showing them off, I introduce myself with this self portrait that looks a lot like me! With the WHAT? expression, the rocking soul, carrying huge bags with drawing stuff inside, such as notebooks or loose paper, pencils and pens. In a nutshell, this is me.

Here's another representation of myself, I've been attached to this character I made about 5 years ago. It's apparently a common white domestic cat, blue eyes, strong and determined. Always, always has a pink tulip on top of her head. The name? Actias, named after a moth species, quite ironic because I have this kind of phobia of insects, SPECIALLY moths and butterflies, I just can't stand them. I have one tattooed.
This cat is madness, this is myself.

And happy optmistic side, I do have one! Believe it or not. I can see the bright side, I can laugh at almost everything, I joke quite frequently, I make weird noises, sing out of tune, sing wrong lyrics and just for the hell of it, improvise songs or stories very quickly, have fun in the most awkward moments.
I rule, I reign, I love, I live.

This is I, and this fanart/gift art was made by Hino, he just captured my brightside :D.


Mission Failed

Hey Fellas! Guess what happened? SO it's like 1:50 am or so...and I'm finishing the cat picture, when all of a sudden there's a GODDAMNED BLACKOUT. After about a minute of total darkness and aimlessly touching every where on my desk in hopes of finding my cellphone to light the place, energy came back! Oh so I turn the PC again and search for the file to keep working on it, right? NOT.

THE FREAKING FILE DIDN'T GET SAVED WHEN I CTRL + S IT! Only the lines got saved and I lost color info. I was left with a previous screenshot I sent to Hino because he was helping me with my coloring (I kind of suck at shading)

So here it is, I'll try again sometime. Looks better if you click on it. He likes to be clicked on.

That's like...less than 50% of the original size. Fuck.

30 Seconds to Mars - Hunter (cover, original by Björk)


I believe not

Oh practicing German as if I knew enough, I know almost nothing. A cat for the sake of venting, I'll color him soon I think, I like it enough to work on it.A motherfucking wingless dragon :D Oh yeah, and his legs are waaaaaay off. Better luck next time! Lizard!

That's about it. Click for larger pics, and don't steal or I'll hunt you down and take you straight to hell.

Rammstein - Keine Lust

Too cool for school

I asked my friend to tell me an animal to draw. He suggested squirrel and I had to sketch this guy who thinks he's too cool for school.
Oh, poor illiterate squirrel! You're missing the wonders of Harry Potter books.

Also, I've got only two weeks left until new semester starts. These vacations seemed so short to me haha. Aw well, better keep it up!.
Time to sleep.

Caravan Palace - La Caravane